Welcome to Consolidated Services Company

The Consolidated Services Company ( CSC) was incorporated in the year 2008 with the primary objective of developing a company which provides logistic services to the ever growing industrial community being present at the Jubail, Yanbu, Raz zour, Muneefa etc. The attention of the CSC however will be concentrated on Jubail Industrial City due to reasons that will be explained here after....... Read more.




  • Services

    Owning Camps
    Construction of Camp Facilities
    Camp Services Management

Camps Facilities:

  • check Landscape & Irrigation System.
    check CCTV Security System.
    check Fire Distinguishing System facilities.
    check Power Generators (1200 KVA x 3)
  • check Underground Infrastructure (Electric, Water, Tel., TV Cables, Network & etc)
    check Water treatment Facilities.
    check Centralized Laundry
  • check Emergencie Clinic
    check Full Facility Recreation Center .
    check Internet Cafe (free of charge,24 hrs)....more...